Monday, March 10, 2014

a shiny pebble....

i had a patient last night that had suffered a PE or pulmonary embolism, in a nut shell you get a blood clot in the venous system or blood that is returning to the heart.
it easily flows back through your body because the vessels get increasing bigger on the way back and then is pumped through your heart  but it gets stuck in your lungs as the blood passes thru the lungs because it eventually gets caught in the pulmonary vessels as they become increasingly smaller again while moving through picking up oxegen and dropping CO2. Its very very painful and without medicinal treatment with anticoagulants (stuff that helps break up blood clots) it is probably fatal. 

we try to manage pain in the hospital but it requires having the right medication given at the right time, i saw him all thru the night like clockwork. we got to know each other in those visits; he is a working man from a rural environment we had a lot in common and whenever i visited we talked  about things we have done and would like to do. like me he has sacrificed time in the outdoors doing things he loves to be a good father and husband and provide for his family. 

we talked about things he wished he had the chance to do like fishing in Alaska for halibut. a noble goal in the halls of manliness... but we also talked about simpler things, easier things, not done, like fishing on a day off just for relaxation and fun. playing a game of baseball with his kids, or going for a Sunday drive with his wife.

we decided at about 0645 Monday morning that meaningful activities are like a retirement account and  these things can be approached two ways. one: you can buy a lotto ticket every payday hoping for a big miracle payoff, it has happened... or two: you can put a small percentage of you income away for a long period of time

we decided that it would be as much fun in  or lives, taking those opportunities to camp and fish,  laugh and play with our families, as often as time and circumstance will allow, rather than planning and waiting to have a epic awesome trip on the someday.

i still might try a big trip if it can be managed, but i have a wonderful family, a grandson and two awesome dogs that need to have a small fun experience on a regular basis.  a little fishing goes a long way....who wants to go?

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  1. MEE - I love to fish! Dad used to take us fishing all the time - I loved that.