Friday, April 29, 2011

letters to the school year.

dear, fall 2010/spring 2011

oh my gosh what a year. walking with you was like spending days troding through a valley filled with amazing things and wonderous knowledge, and not realizing how far you have come until you pause for a moment to look back and see where you have been.

the moment turns into a while, and a little longer still. you drop your pack sit on it and see how far, far truely is.

wow you turned all my friends into grem-a-phobs but i loved you with passion and all the bugs you introduced me to. so grateful you were taught by a medical doctor his ability to explain from the treatment perspective was far better than re-memorizing general biology again. and to my kids sorry about all the unsolicitated freely given and nausiating information, but now you can tell your friends all about the microbs tranfered in a single kiss, and name all 37 of them! and tell them what antibiotic it will take to remove it from your system! hellooooooo Ciprofloxacin!
(evil laugh)

english my old enemy, how i loath thee.....
luckily i had back up...
thanks scott L and amy B. you got me through two, count them, two unmerciful english classes. and now i am your slave.....good trade.

ethics and values....the single weirdest teacher i have ever met in my whole freaking life........waste of time...nuff said.

nutrition....i think i was supposed to take you before i took micro, gereral anatomy, and physiology. and dr. barthel you actually marked that question wrong because "i gave to detailed an explanation of lipogenesis"....really? i don't remember you saying that we weren't allowed to used other information from other was the only point i lost in your class....your the boss dude, whatever.

and all those other classes that keep teacher employed.....i learned something in each of you that was either interesting, enjoyable, or helped me grow in other ways.
so thanks

pathophyisiology..... another medical doctor/ teacher, alot of stuff not written in the book, the testing seemed not only unfair but akin to swimming in an avalanche.
micro turned my friends into germ-a-phobs you turned me into a hypochondriac....
it got to be funny with my group of friends on the front row that you would list every disease aimed at a 46 year old diabetic with high stress and pronounced obesity. by the end of the semester i felt like my very existance was in defiance to the very laws governing fine sub atomic adhesion and expected to burst into flames at any given moment. the first B in my late college carrer. i have never felt so saticfied with and average grade. i'll take it, gratefully. have reminded me that people matter:

more than the medicine that heals them.
more than the doctors and nurses that work to help them.
more than books
more than the next test.
the very existance of life must give an enhanced sence of hope
hope of life give reason to treat, heal, and learn how to do it better.

so i will keep trying.

becca..... you have taught me how soft my heart is where my childeren are concerned. i'm glad you are coming home. in the next few weeks i will prepare a place for you...another bedroom, another bathroom. a seat next to me in church.

another carpenter prepares a place for you as well. teach my grand child about him. show the way. you can do it.

yep...been one great year. looking back on what has been crossed i see two sets of foot prints...

Thursday, April 7, 2011


FOR YOU .....

I found this last week while I walked in the snow.

I was searching for something very different than this on my ipod;

I was looking for something grey and bleak, for that is how i felt in that moment, never the less, this was the first thing on the Google list.

I chanced to look at it and my night changed.

Someone I love is walking a thorny path and I knew today that I needed to find this again and place it here.

I don't know if they will find it, might take days,

but it is here as am I.

believe and you will exceed

Believe in Love
Believe in Faith
Believe in Truth
Believe that no matter what happens, you have the power to prevail

Believe in Strength
Believe in Courage
Believe in Honor
Believe that everyone has the power to be good at heart

Believe in Song
Believe in Dance
Believe in Culture
Believe that no matter who you are or where you’re from- everyone is unique

Believe in things you never would
Believe in doing things you never could
Believe in achievement
Believe that if you think you can, you can- but if you think you can’t, you won’t.

Believe in the damned
Believe in the degenerate
Believe in the corrupted
Believe that evil does exist in many forms, but all can be overcome

Believe in spiritual
Believe in holy
Believe in sacred
Believe that your personal values can never be taken from you

Believe in mad
Believe in depressed
Believe in suicidal
Believe that one smile can save a life

Believe in magic
Believe in hope
Believe in dreams
Believe that the unbelievable happens everyday

Believe in time
Believe in forever
Believe in YOU
Believe that as long as you believe in yourself- anything is possible

Ricky Baker